Welcome Spaces

The Welcome Spaces (previously called Warm Spaces) fund for organisations in County Durham is open now with grants of up to £3,000 to host free, weekly community spaces, open for all.

Watch a short video explaining how you could use a Welcome Spaces grant.

We’re working together with Durham County Council with a combined total fund of £280,000 – you can apply for up to £3,000 and it must be used for projects happening in the Durham County Council area.

Your Welcome Space needs to be:

  • open at least weekly
  • free to access
  • free hot drinks

The grant can go towards a range of things, including the provision of hot drinks, extra furniture, energy bills, staff time and even transport for visitors.

Deadline to apply

There isn’t an application deadline, but the funding must be used in full by 30 April 2024, so the next steps are:

Last year we were able to fund 137 spaces, meaning over 16,500 people were able to access warm, inclusive and welcoming spaces during the winter months.