West Durham Wind Farm has launched a Covid-19 fund for communities within 10 miles of Cornsay, Cornsay Colliery, Hamsteels, East Hedleyhope and Satley.

Organisations and groups can apply for up to £2,000 for projects that deal with community problems caused by the Coronavirus and lockdown.

Managed by County Durham Community Foundation, the fund welcomes applications from groups involved in the current provision of community services and supplies such as food, medicines, PPE and educational material.

Thomas Brennan, stakeholder officer for West Durham Wind Farm Ltd, said: “We want our wind farms to have clear and lasting benefits for all. Now, more than ever, we want to support our communities during these unprecedented times. As witnessed in recent months and weeks, people all over the country are working together to look after our most vulnerable through the provision of essential supplies and services. Through the establishment of this special Covid-19 wind farm community fund, we can help ensure that such good work can continue.”

West Durham Wind Farm Lt is a subsidiary of Irish energy company ESB – which has donated £1million to community groups close to its wind farms.

Over the last 10 years, West Durham Wind Farm Community Fund has provided funding to more than 40 projects in the region.

Projects that need more than £2,000 will be considered for match-funding by the Foundation. Groups who would like to apply for funding can apply through the County Durham Community Foundation website here.