Volunteering underpins all that is great in our sector. This week we’re rightly celebrating the people who give their time, skills and energy to help people in a variety of ways. The UK has a rich tradition of volunteering and the numbers speak for themselves. At least 22% of the country volunteers at least once a month and the contribution to the economy is a whopping £22.6 billion per year.

But what does it mean for our network?

Volunteering and Community Foundations are synonymous. The amazing small grassroots groups that we support often run on a shoestring budget and reliant on the dedication, hard work and talent of volunteers who invest their time and energy in to helping communities and people.

But what you may not know is that Community Foundations are charities in their own right and also benefit from the contributions of volunteers. On #VolunteersWeek we’d like to give a special shout out to the people who help Foundations to help communities in a variety of different ways.

Trevor Richardson in Durham

Trevor Richardson

Trevor has been volunteering at the Durham Community Foundation for nearly 10 years and helps the Foundation keep its house in order by helping out with filing, phone calls, post and impact reports.

Trevor’s thoughts on volunteering at the Foundation: “I soon realised the foundation was involved with many organisations, charities and individuals and covered a multitude of causes. I believe I may be the longest serving volunteer and I can recommend volunteering with the Foundation to anyone who wants to support it and give something back to local communities.”