A dark and dirty garage is on one side, and a clean and tidy bedroom on the other. A caption reads 'where would you rather sleep tonight?'

Poverty Hurts: Appeal support homelessness charity.

Cornerstone Supported Housing and Counselling’s new overnight service for people sleeping rough was awarded £1,000 from the Poverty Hurts Appeal.

Swift action was called for to establish Cornerstone’s sit-up service for rough sleepers this winter after their street sweep team was profoundly saddened to find a young man dead in the very early morning after one of the coldest nights of 2021.

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The charity has found that there are dozens of at-risk rough sleepers living in and around Hartlepool town centre. This area and much of the rest of Hartlepool has been in the top 10 per cent deprived areas of the UK for many years, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Cornerstone also has a fully staffed daytime community hub service to support people in poverty, which works in tandem with the sit-up service to provide around-the-clock protection for some of community’s most vulnerable people.

Two in-house support workers work closely with the rough sleeper assertive outreach team, who find those at risk of cold and direct them to a warm and welcoming space with free facilities for a hot shower, washing machines, a hot meal, and easy access to supported housing services.

Cornerstone is an independent charity dedicated to fostering positive change in people’s lives by creating safe housing opportunities, building communities, providing practical experience and teaching life skills.

Learn more about the Poverty Hurts Appeal by following County Durham Community Foundation on Linkedin.