A CHARITY that usually helps late night revellers has launched a 24-hour support service for people affected by Coronavirus. 

CitySafe Durham was founded last year by Kieren Stephenson and Sam McAtominey to provide first aid and medical support to people enjoying the city’s nightlife. 

But with the arrival of Coronavirus, volunteers have now turned their efforts to meeting urgent need in the community –with support from a £2,298 grant from County Durham Community

Foundation. Keiren Stephenson said: “Our usual activities can’t happen right now and we had people and resources so why not help? “It took a week to get everything in place and the funding helped marvellously because it allowed us to go from three teams to five teams who we can all contact instantly through our radio controller.” 

Thanks to the fresh influx of volunteers, the charity is now offering a telephone befriending service and support with shopping and delivery, collecting prescriptions, posting mail and general errands.

Keiren, who expects the teams to work with up to 500 people each week, added: “The demand has been huge immediately and we have around 90 jobs on the list this week in different areas which we’re busy coordinating. We’re generally helping older people, or people who are self-isolating because of health reasons. Some of the people we are supporting have cancer and are just terrified to go out.”