Rachel Denham and Tristan Burd

Darlington Finance team pledge support.

Sandringham Financial Partners Darlington have pledged their support for the Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund. 

Advising Partners Rachel Denham and Tristan Burd have committed to supporting their community through the pandemic from day one of starting their business. 

Rachel said: “This is something we are really passionate about. We are hugely ambitious for our business and the driver for that is making a real difference. 

“We want to give back from day one.” 

Chief executive Michelle Cooper said: “Sandringham Darlington is blazing a trail for other businesses by planning their community giving right from the start. We are so excited to see their business grow and to work together for the benefit of the local community. 

“The Foundation is known for grassroots grants, averaging just under £5,000, that help build strong communities, reduce inequalities and offer quality education opportunities to the next generation. We feel we have real common ground with Rachel and Tristan, who truly care about their Darlington community and are so passionate about creating pathways for young people.” 

About Sandringham Financial Partners Darlington

“We actively choose to implement a charging structure which is fair across the board for all clients. For ongoing service and reviews we charge a flat fee of £1,975 per annum regardless of the value of the assets an individual holds. This makes us highly competitive where clients hold £250,000 or more in pensions and investments, when compared to the more traditional charging structure of applying an annual % charge against the value of your plans. In that scenario, quite simply, the more you have the more you pay.

“We’ll give you confidence in the answers to the big questions such as ‘Can I afford to retire?’ ‘What will our lifestyle look like if I slow down from work?’ ‘What income can I reasonably expect from my pensions?’ and ‘Am I on track financially?’ Cash Flow planning is central to our advice process and allows us to provide clients with in-depth insights into their financial future, ensuring you get the right plan in place now.”