We’ve partnered with Going Green Together to provide training bursaries for voluntary and community groups to becoming more sustainable.

Voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations in County Durham can apply for a training bursary to cover the cost of taking part in the Become Green Together programme.

Become Green Together gives organisations 12 months’ access to consultancy support, environmental tools and frameworks, including the SmartCarbon carbon footprint calculator, accreditation with Investors in the Environment, and a peer support network.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand your current environmental impact and how to reduce it.
  • Create or expand your environmental strategy and gain support on implementing it and meeting your targets.  
  • This work could mean reducing energy and resource usage, demonstrating their environmental commitments to staff and stakeholders, preparing for legislation changes, and meeting the environmental requirements of funding.

Over 60 organisations across the North East and Cumbria are currently taking part in the programme.

The bursary we offer means that County Durham organisations can take part without having to pay the training costs.

Please enquire about bursaries by emailing the project coordinator:

Nathaniel Spain at Nathaniel.Spain@vonne.org.uk

Find out more about Become Green Together and how to apply through the Going Green Together website.