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How do I apply for a grant?

Applying for a grant is easy and can be done online, so whether you’re applying on behalf of a charitable group, or for an individual, the process is quite straightforward.

It’s important to detail specifically what you require the grant for, so that we can easily determine whether the fund you have applied for is the one that is best suited to your needs. We supply many grants to groups and individuals for a host of causes, from promoting health & wellbeing, to reducing inequalities. Take a look at our range of active grant programmes and click ‘apply’ to the one that looks suited to your requirements. Then simply fill out the form and someone from the Foundation will get back to you if you have been successful.

How do I apply for charity funds?

How you can apply to one of our charity funds depends on whether you are applying for a group or an individual. If you’re applying on behalf of a group, then simply browse our range of available group grants and apply for any that are relevant to your group. It is possible to apply for multiple. If you’re an individual, you won’t be able to apply for charity funds for yourself and instead will need to instruct someone, such as a social worker, parent, teacher, guardian or carer to do so on your behalf. The person carrying out the application can simply apply for funding by taking a look at our current active grants for individuals and click apply to fill out an online form and begin the process. Before you start, ensure that the fund you are applying to is the one that is most suitable to your requirements, and provide as much information as you possibly can so that we are able to determine whether this fund is most appropriate or whether to point you in the direction towards one that you will more likely be successful in receiving.

How do you get funding for a project?

We supply grants to a wide range of causes. We also help those in the local community to carry out their passions by providing funding for a variety of projects, including working to eradicate poverty and hunger, and promote wellbeing, health, sports, artwork and more. To apply for funding for a project, whether on behalf of a group or an individual, simply head to our ‘Apply for a Grant’ page and take a look at the current funds we have available. Be sure that your requirement is suited to the criteria detailed in the fund you are applying to and when filling out the application from, be as specific as possible with how your requirement is suited to the fund. Someone will then be in touch with you if you have been successful.

What is grant funding?

Grants from a community foundation, like County Durham Community Foundation, are non-repayable funds, made up of donations from people in the local area. These donations are made into funds, or grouped into different causes and distributed by the community foundation to those who need it most. Some government grants on the other hand, often need to be matched by the business or cause. Grant funding through community foundations is a great way to give to charity and rest assured that the grants are being given evenly across a variety of needs in the area. 

Who is eligible for to apply for grants?

Each grant available has its own specific criteria, meaning eligibility varies.

Usually, individuals who are eligible for a grant from County Durham Community Foundation include disadvantaged members of the community, those in hardship, those with poor living circumstances, those with a disability and those with a specific project or talent to pursue without the means to do so. In terms of groups, those who are eligible for a grant include registered charity groups, local community centres or community groups. The grants you can apply for will be dependent on many factors, so be sure to fully read the criteria of each grant before you apply to ensure you are eligible and give you the best chances of success.