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How do I apply for a grant?

Applying for a grant is easy and can be done online, so whether you’re applying on behalf of a charitable group, or for an individual, the process is quite straightforward. It’s important to detail specifically what you require the grant for, so that we can easily determine whether the fund you have applied for is the one that is best suited to your needs. We supply many grants to groups and individuals for a host of causes, from promoting health & wellbeing, to reducing inequalities. Take a look at our range of active grant programmes and click ‘apply’ to the one that looks suited to your requirements. Then simply fill out the form and someone from the Foundation will get back to you if you have been successful.

How do I apply for charity funds?

How you can apply to one of our charity funds depends on whether you are applying for a group or an individual. If you’re applying on behalf of a group, then simply browse our range of available group grants and apply for any that are relevant to your group. It is possible to apply for multiple. 

If you’re an individual, you won’t be able to apply for charity funds for yourself and instead will need to instruct someone, such as a social worker, parent, teacher, guardian or carer to do so on your behalf. The person carrying out the application can simply apply for funding by taking a look at our current active grants for individuals and click apply to fill out an online form and begin the process. Before you start, ensure that the fund you are applying to is the one that is most suitable to your requirements, and provide as much information as you possibly can so that we are able to determine whether this fund is most appropriate or whether to point you in the direction towards one that you will more likely be successful in receiving.

How do you get funding for a project?

At County Durham Community Foundation, we supply grants to a very wide range of causes. We also help those in the local community to carry out their passions by providing funding for a variety of projects, including working to eradicate poverty and hunger, and promote wellbeing, health, sports, artwork and more. To apply for funding for a project, whether on behalf of a group or an individual, simply head to our ‘Apply for a Grant’ page and take a look at the current funds we have available. Be sure that your requirement is suited to the criteria detailed in the fund you are applying to and when filling out the application from, be as specific as possible with how your requirement is suited to the fund. Someone will then be in touch with you if you have been successful.

What is the purpose of a community foundation?

A community foundation is a registered charity that takes donations to form grants for various causes and then distributes these funds to give to those who need it most and creative initiatives in the local community. At County Durham Community Foundation, we work with individuals, families, local businesses and charities who want to put something back into their community. Giving to a community foundation is similar to a charitable trust, but without the high administrative costs and lengthy legal processes. Supporters can choose from a number of ways to give to channel their charitable giving and the Foundation then spreads this generosity to various causes in the region.

How do nonprofit owners make money?

Nonprofit organisations do not have ‘owners’ but instead have ‘founders’. While a nonprofit organisation is not able to earn a taxable profit, those who founded the organisation, or run the organisation, are able to earn a salary. This means a nonprofit organisation founder can ensure they earn a living while being able to professionally facilitate charitable giving. All nonprofits and charities have administrative costs, in order to be able to pay their workforce, without this workforce, the good work they do would not be possible. 

How does a foundation work?

A community foundation works by taking donations in a multitude of ways from individuals or businesses in the local area and then provides funding and support to other charitable organisations or individuals in-need of financial support for a variety of causes. Essentially, a foundation is a great way for high net-worth individuals, businesses and the members of the local community to make a charitable donation and rest in the knowledge that it will be supplied to the most need-worthy cause, as determined by the foundation.

How do you find grant funding sources?

You can find grant funding from various nonprofit organisations and community foundations. Each organisation will distribute its funds in different ways and to many different causes. To find the fund that is most suited to your cause, you can get in touch with your desired community foundation or head to their website to see the grants that they have available. At County Durham Community Foundation, we make it easy to apply for a grant online, so whether you’re applying for a grant on behalf of a group or an individual, you can head to our ‘Apply for a Grant’ page and browse the funds available. Be sure to choose the grant most suited to your needs and provide as much information as you possibly can for the best possible chances of succeeding with your application.

What is grant funding?

Grants from a community foundation, like County Durham Community Foundation, are non-repayable funds, made up of donations from people in the local area. These donations are made into funds, or grouped into different causes and distributed by the community foundation to those who need it most. Some government grants on the other hand, often need to be matched by the business or cause. Grant funding through community foundations is a great way to give to charity and rest assured that the grants are being given evenly across a variety of needs in the area.

Do I need to be a registered charity to raise money?

There are many platforms that enable members of the public to fundraise via crowdfunding, however to raise funds and distribute on a regular basis, you must hold registered charity status. This is particularly relevant if you are a business that wishes to set up a charitable trust. There are lengthy legal processes to do this and some fees involved too. An alternative to setting up a charitable trust is to set up a fund with a community foundation. A community foundation will take care of all of the administration work for you and even distribute your funds according to your wishes. At County Durham Community Foundation, we manage large funds on behalf of a wealth of business and high net-worth individuals.

How can I get free grants?

You can apply for a grant with your chosen community foundation, usually online. If you are an individual, then you must have someone apply for the grant on your behalf, such as a parent, teacher, carer or social worker. If you’re a charitable group, then you may apply for a grant on behalf of this group. Simply head to our ‘Apply for a Grant’ page, select whether you’re applying on behalf of a group or an individual and then browse all of our available funds and choose the one that is most suited to your requirements. 

How can I get a grant for a charity?

At County Durham Community Foundation, we provide grants to a wide range of local charity groups. To get a grant for your charity, simply head to our ‘Apply for a Grant’ page and select ‘Grants for Groups’. Here you will find a list of all of the funds available to charities and you can apply for as many as you feel are suitable to your cause. There are new funds becoming available all of the time, so be sure to check back on a regular basis. You can easily apply online by filling out a form. Should your application be successful, the Foundation will be in touch with you shortly. 

Who is eligible for grants?

Each grant available has its own specific criteria, meaning eligibility for a grant can vary quite vastly. Usually, individuals who are eligible for a grant from County Durham Community Foundation include disadvantaged members of the community, those in hardship, those with poor living circumstances, those with a disability and those with a specific project or talent to pursue without the means to do so. In terms of groups, those who are eligible for a grant include registered charity groups, local community centres or community groups. The grants you can apply for will be dependent on many factors, so be sure to fully read the criteria of each grant before you apply to ensure you are eligible and give you the best chances of success. 

How are charities funded in the UK?

How charities in the UK are funded is different for each individual charitable organisation. Some charities are funded by central or local government, others depend on donations and some receive grants from other charitable organisations, such as County Durham Community Foundation. Charities are able to apply for grants from a foundation, which are funded in a number of ways from individuals and businesses in the local area. Grants enable charities to carry out vital work and give something back to the community while providing help and support for those who need it most. 

What is the best way to give to charity?

The best way to give to charity is entirely dependent on your own personal and financial circumstances. Some prefer to donate on a one-off basis, others like to set up a named fund and some even leave a legacy by giving to charity in their will. There are many ways to give to charity and only you can decide which is the best for you. To learn more, head to our ‘Ways to Give’ page to learn how giving back to your local community through County Durham Community Foundation ensures that your funds are going straight to those most in need.

Can you get a refund for a donation?

Should you make a donation in error, or your circumstances change and you can no longer afford to give that donation, unfortunately you will not be eligible for a refund. The only circumstances in which your donation will be returned to you by a charity or nonprofit organisation is if you or your organisation has violated the terms of the gift. Some charitable organisations may be happy to authorise a refund, but this can vary and there is no guarantee. If you would like to request a refund, you should speak directly with the charity you have donated to and explain what has happened. 

Why do people donate to charity?

People give to charity for a number of reasons, perhaps the cause is something that they relate to, have experienced or represents their values. Some people give to charity to give something back if they have perhaps been reliant on charitable giving in the past. Some high net-worth individuals regularly give to charity in order to manage the efficiency of taxes and some businesses regularly give to charity as part of their corporate social responsibility policy to give something back to the local community in which they operate. Whatever your reason for donating to charity, there are many people who rely on your generosity. Donating to a community foundation such as County Durham Community Foundation enables you to give in your desired way and ensure that your funds reach those who need it most, providing a great way to give to those in your local area. 

What percentage of your income should you donate to charity?

There is no set percentage of your income that is advised to give to charity. How much you wish to give and how often is entirely up to yourself. How much you want to give to charity is likely dependent on your own financial circumstances, so giving whatever you feel comfortable is fine. If you’re not sure how to give, or where you’d like your money to go, take a look at our ‘Ways to Give’ page to give you an idea of how you can help to fund causes in your local area.