A grant has been awarded to 1st Newfield Scout Group to provide support towards the running costs and purchase camping and sports equipment for field trips and activities.

The group is set to enjoy a weekend of adventure activities after receiving £5,000 from County Durham Community Foundation with £2,000 from Cestria Community Housing Grassroots Fund.

The group of six to 15-year-old cubs, scouts and beavers from 1st Newfield Scouts will be heading to Hexham in Northumberland in May for a weekend of outdoor activities at Dukehouse Wood Adventure Centre.

The Cestria grant, which is administered by the County Durham Community Foundation, will also cover the group’s annual insurance bill and its costs for renting out a school hall for its weekly meetings.

Group Scout Leader Chris Grimwood said the grant would enable some youngsters to go on the trip who might otherwise have missed out. The grant will also help the group to buy new camping and sports equipment.

She said: “This will make a massive difference to the group. We do bits of fundraising ourselves but nothing has come close to this amount in all the time I have been involved with 1st Newfield.

“Crucially, it will mean everyone who wants to go on the trip to Hexham in May will be able to go. It’s one of the highlights of the year so to be able to say with certainty that we can all go is a big relief. It really takes the financial pressure off us.

“The fact it will also cover other running costs we have such as room rental and insurance is an added bonus. Ultimately it means we can ensure a large group of youngsters will have access to a range of activities and experiences which are hugely rewarding for them.

“They will give them new skills and confidence and memories which will stay with them forever. Receiving such a large one-off grant really increases our ability to deliver for these kids – it’s game changing for us.”

Christine Scott, Assistant Director of Corporate Services at Cestria Community Housing, said: “1st Newfield Scouts is exactly the kind of grassroots community group which our grants are designed to help. The scout group exists to create new opportunities for young people from a range of backgrounds to enjoy life changing experiences – so they are a worthy recipient of this grant. They provide an important service which enriches and fulfils the lives of those taking part.

“We’re thrilled the grant will help the group to go on its trip to Dukehouse Wood Adventure Camp. Trips like this are a great way to learn while having fun and we are sure it will be a brilliant experience for all those who go.”

Also in addition, the group has also received an additional £3,000 from other funds within the County Durham Community Fund.