How it all began

Isabelle is 11 years of age who is a carer for both her parents, her mum has a life limiting illness and several other health issues and her father who has recently been diagnosed with MS.

Isabelle supports her mum with practical tasks such as helping make food, dressing and cleaning the home and the overall safety of her mum, she ensures that her mum is ok and that the area she is in in safe. The daily caring tasks and the frequent hospital visits impact on Isabelle’s every day life, she has less time to spend with friends and attending social groups, she spends considerable time at hospital visiting her mum as she needs to be responsive to mum’s health needs . The caring role and awareness of mum’s life limiting illness has had an impact on Isabelle’s emotional well-being and has increased anxiety and recently has begun to have panic attacks.

Making a difference

When Bridge Young Carers asked Isabelle what would help here when she was feeling down and a bit stressed with her family challenges, instantly a shed was her reply. A grant was awarded of £672 to help provide a base for a summer house for Isabelle to escape to.

With thanks to you

” I enjoyed helping painting, building and finally putting my personal touches to my shed. Since the shed has been built I have enjoyed showing it off to my friends, spending time with my music and generally giving me a place to go when things are getting on top of me, a bad day at school and even when I just want somewhere to relax in my own space. This shed has been a fantastic help for me and my parents, as it gives me somewhere to go which is a space and away from the house which now has a lot of medical equipment and gives me a break from caring.”

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