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Learning Curve Group support survivors of domestic abuse.

Thanks to a £2,500 grant from the Learning Curve Group, Cornforth Partnership has been supporting survivors of domestic abuse to improve their job chances. 

The funding supported the Partnership’s long-running work with women who have survived domestic abuse, by creating links between these participants and the existing employability team. 

Learning Curve Group have a fund with County Durham Community Foundation – through which they support many local educational projects which have a huge impact.

Learning Curve Group support survivors

Tony Cutmore from Cornforth Partnership said: “We run a qualification for women who’ve completed the training in recognising abuse and developing coping strategies as part of our Hearts and Minds course. Now we have invited those participants to do additional training in financial resilience so that they can move on into employment and become more independent. 

The project worked with 50 women in total, and a further 42 are now on the waiting list as the team work on taking the Hearts and Minds course online.  

Tony said: “It’s in development but we are aware that not all of the women will feel safe taking part when they’re in their own home and some do not have the technology either. But we are hoping we can reopen and run the course in person from January.” 

Of the 50 women who took part last year – 90% said they felt safer, 80% felt more financially resilient, 93% felt they had increased their job skills and work experience and 95% reported an improvement to their mental health and wellbeing.  

The Hearts and Minds course runs for 10 weeks and includes social activities so that participants can make friends and build a stronger network. 

Tony said: “We really try to encourage those relationships and many of the women go on to volunteer as a listening ear for other women. It’s important that people have someone to talk to and share their problems without feeling judged.” 

The Hearts and Minds course runs for 10 weeks and includes social activities so that participants can make friends and build a stronger network. 

Holistic approach

Taking a holistic approach to employability support, thproject offers those participants who are traditionally the most hard to reach and furthest away from the job market with a unique opportunity to receive a package of robust, wraparound support.  

The support aims to move them closer to the employment market and address the underlying issues which have created a barrier to work. The Partnership recognises the need to support participants to be in the “right place” and ready to actively seek employment.  

Picture with thanks to Dominic Alberts and Pixabay. Posed by models.

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