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How it all began

Daniel O’Hare was 19 years of age when, without any warning, he took his own life. He had no previous history of mental health problems nor had he shown any outward signs of his intentions.

Daniel’s brothers Matthew and Ben, along with his cousin Sarah (then aged 10, 5 and 13) hoped to do something positive to try and prevent another family suffering a similar experience. They wanted to create a lasting memory to Daniel and started If U Care Share.

Making a difference

If U Care Share applied for £7,500 towards a suicide prevention service from the County Durham and Darlington Community Safety Fund.

They were able to offer appointments to 17 different individuals (total of 74 appointments). Although the majority of appointments took place in the individual’s own home or at another agreed location, there were occasions when the appointments took place in the If U Care Share Foundation office or via telephone.

With thanks to you

We were able to help a young girl who had tried contacting the Samaritans and other services but had not been able to speak to anyone. This girl had suffered from long term depression and has also had post-natal depression resulting in the last 2 years being particularly difficult..

Since engaging with our service, counselling has also been arranged for her middle son (she believes that his mental state has affected her mental health). This lady has been back to her GP and had her medication reviewed and changed, she has also engaged in CBT with Talking Changes.

In the last 1:1 appointment she explained that she was feeling much better and feels hopeful and everything had improved. She now has support from a health visitor and it was agreed that she no longer needed support from us at the moment although was aware that she could re-engage if needed.

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