More and more developers around the UK are channelling their Community Benefit Funds through community foundations. County Durham Community Foundation helps many developers in County Durham and elsewhere to do this, and the key stages in setting up a Community Benefit Fund are outlined below. The Foundation must remain neutral at all stages in the process.

Prior to planning approval, CDCF can:

  • engage with the developer to discuss criteria, need and geographical area of interest
  • sign a fund agreement with the developer
  • confirm that CDCF will manage the fund should planning be approved
  • negotiate the fee for managing the fund

Prior to planning approval, CDCF must not:

  • support the planning application (eg via letters, press releases, quotes)
  • attend public consultations
  • negotiate the value of the community fund (£ per MW capacity)
  • promise funding to any groups
  • confirm to any parishes or individuals that they will be part of the community panel

Post-planning approval, during construction, CDCF can:

  • meet with the local community
  • start setting up the community panel

Post-construction, CDCF can:

  • hold panel meetings
  • provide grant case studies for the developer for PR purposes
  • call for applications