Charitable trusts

County Durham Community Foundation has worked with a number of charitable trusts in the past to help them increase the impact of their grant making. Because of our extensive networks, we can give your trust access to thousands of local community projects and charities – especially those smaller groups that often fall under the radar for funding.

What are your options?

Transfer of a charitable trust
CDCF is currently sole trustee of four local charitable trusts – Hylton House, Stanhope Castle School, Ropner Convalescence Home, and King Edward VI Memorial Fund. Each of these organisations decided to transfer their Trusts in entirety to CDCF in order to take advantage of our expert grant making services. Transferring a trust to us means you no longer have the legal and administrative worries that come with a charitable trust, whilst still preserving its name, original aims and objectives. Click here for more information about transferring a charitable trust.

Grant making services
If transferring your trust in its entirety to the Foundation does not suit your needs, we can also administer specific grant making funds for your trust. You can choose whether your fund is spent over a set period of time (Revenue fund) or whether it is invested for the long-term, enabling you to make grants each year using part of the income from the investment, leaving the rest to allow your fund to grow (Endowment fund). Click here to find out more about named funds

For both of these options we would provide full reporting on all grants made, so working with us would not leave you in the dark.