Acorn funds

An Acorn fund is great way to set up a lasting Endowment fund without having to part with a large capital amount up front. To set up an Acorn fund requires a minimum donation of £1,000 per year, which could be given as a one-off payment, or made by monthly instalments.

However, through Gift Aid we can claim back the standard rate of tax paid on your donation (if you are a UK tax payer). This means the annual contribution of £1000 only costs you £840 - just £70 per month. For higher rate tax payers, this will cost even less, as you can claim additional tax relief.

You could name the fund after yourself, a family member, your company, or perhaps a friend you wish to remember. When your Acorn fund reaches £5,000 you can set your own criteria, and start to give out grants in your fund name. It's also possible to start supporting your local community with small grants at an earlier stage, if you wish. 

We ask for a commitment to grow the fund to £25,000 and your donation will continue to help the causes close to your heart for generations to come. 

If your income increases (for example via a windfall inheritance, or sale of a business), you can make additional gifts or increase your regular contributions, helping your fund to grow more quickly. Some funds are built up with the help of fundraising efforts, providing opportunities for the fund holder to raise awareness of the causes they support.

You could include a donation to your fund as a gift in your Will, ensuring that one day, even more grants can be awarded to the causes close to your heart.

If you are interested in starting an Acorn fund with us, please contact us on:

Tel: 0191 378 6340