Set up a named fund

Creating a charitable named fund allows you to support the most deserving local projects and people. Your fund could support the geographical area or cause that is close to your heart, or for companies, it could be something that reflects the aims of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The fund could be named however you wish - for example, after yourself, a friend or family member, or your company.

Having a named fund with County Durham Community Foundation is a great alternative to setting up your own charitable trust. We take on all legal responsibilities and administration, but you still get to set the criteria and have the final say on all grants made from your fund - unless you would prefer to leave those matters in our expert hands. 

The Foundation manages two main types of named fund - Endowment funds, and Revenue funds. Endowment funds are long-term investments where a percentage of the value of the fund is used for grant-making purposes each year.  With a Revenue fund (also referred to as a flow-through fund), the money is available for immediate grant-making. 

We can also set up  funds which are a combination of Endowment and Revenue, allowing the fund holder to make grants right away, while the investment is growing.  

If you are interested in setting up a named fund with us, please contact us on:

Tel: 0191 378 6340