Our services to fund holders

At County Durham Community Foundation, we use our knowledge of the local area and our grant-making expertise to help you set up your own named fund to support the most deserving local projects and people.

We will help you identify worthwhile local causes and projects, saving you considerable time, energy and money in your search.

We tailor our services to the needs of the fund holder - whether that's an individual, a family, or a company – to ensure that your charitable giving is done in the way that suits your needs and values. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service for all our fund holders; below is a summary of the benefits you can expect.

Set the terms of your fund: You set the guidelines for how your fund is to be run, and the type of people or groups to whom your grants are to be allocated. You can rely on us to honour your wishes and ensure that grants from your fund are only made to groups and individuals that meet your criteria.

Avoid red tape and solicitors' bills: By creating a named fund through County Durham Community Foundation, rather than setting up your own charitable trust, you will save yourself thousands of pounds in legal fees, and avoid lengthy tasks such as completing annual returns from the Charity Commission. We take on all the legal responsibilities and liabilities for running your fund and complying with charity law; all you have to do is read and sign the paper work.

Stay in the driving seat: You choose how much involvement you have. For example, you could be closely involved in the decision-making process and receive a detailed assessment of each grant application that we put forward. Or you could take advantage of our professional expertise and leave us to make the decisions on your behalf, safe in the knowledge that you have set the guidelines. Either way, you stay in control.

All grant applications are thoroughly assessed by us, and we guarantee that whenever a grant is approved, each applicant has been through our strict approval process. This means that all grants will be addressing a real need, and only the most deserving and eligible causes are put forward to your fund.

Keeping you informed: You can choose to receive regular updates on the projects you are supporting, in whatever format(s) suit your needs. We can arrange for you to visit your projects so you can see first-hand how your fund is helping local communities. We want you to be completely confident that your money is being spent in the most effective way possible.

Increase your fund’s value by as much as 40%: We will be pleased to advise you, or work with your solicitor, on the most tax-efficient way for you to make a donation. This leaves you to concentrate on how you want your gift to be used and the difference you want your donation to make to people’s lives.

Expert investment advice: Your fund is wisely and prudently invested through our expert Investment Managers, CCLA. Its performance is continuously monitored by our board of investment experts, and you have the option to track it online. 

A steady hand at the helm: your fund, and County Durham Community Foundation, are managed with the highest level of integrity and standards of governance. Our Trustees meet regularly to discuss and monitor any activity so that any decisions are only made in your best interests in order that your fund will continue to help good causes for many generations to come.