Ingenious Darlington Funds

Ingenious Funds

Ingenious Funds

A partnership between Darlington Borough Council and local businesses to develop a brand identity for Darlington and working with an expert consultancy in this field, Ingenious Darlington has been developed. 

We have now rebranded all our Darlington funds to Ingenious Funds. 

Ingenious has a broad meaning including: clever, resourceful, original, inventive, creative, nifty, inspired, imaginative and effective and therefore can cover donors’ philanthropic aims in a variety of ways.

The following funds only benefit Darlington:

  • Banks Family Grassroots Fund (Darlington)
  • BAT Fund
  • BHP Law Grassroots Fund
  • Bussey & Armstrong Projects Ingenious Fund
  • Cooper Family Grassroots Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Building Society Fund
  • Darlington Building Society Community First Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Building Society Grassroots Fund
  • Darlington Civic Theatre Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Community Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Community - EM Corner Bequest Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Community - Stainsby Murray Fund
  • Darlington Education Trust Community First Fund
  • Darlington Education Trust Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Enterprise Association Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Enterprise Association Grassroots Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Dover Family Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Grassroots Fund
  • Durham Shopping Extravaganza Grassroots Fund (Darlington)
  • Hummersknott Education Fund
  • Darlington Fund
  • Jackie Maddison Community First Trust Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Latimer Hinks Fund
  • Lendrum Family Grassroots Fund (Darlington)
  • Ingenious Darlington Marchday Fund
  • Ingenious Darlington Miller Wood Bonsall Fund
  • Pete & Jackie Maddison Community First Fund
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers Grassroots Fund (Darlington)
  • Sherwoods Fund
  • Thomas Metcalfe Barron Community First Fund
  • Vaux Community First Fund (Darlington)
  • Westpark Community Fund
  • Westpark Levy Fund
  • William Leech Grassroots Fund (Darlington)