Sports therapy boost for County Durham Stroke Club

08 January 2014

County Durham Stroke Club recently received a donation of £800 from Four Seasons Health Care, who hold a long standing fund with us. The funding will provide a series of qualified sports therapists to attend the Stroke Club and give massages to those that attend giving great benefits, both physical and emotional.

County Durham Stroke Club is a support group attended by people who have suffered and survived strokes. It allows survivors to socialise with others who have shared their experience, listen to speakers and take part in a range of activities.

Paul Catterson, Treasurer from County Durham Stroke Club, said:
“The sports therapists funded by Four Seasons Health Care are a huge boost to the Stroke Club. The treatments and massages are fantastic and we can see huge benefits from them.”
The club is attended by both stroke survivors and their carers, between eighteen and twenty-four at each session, and for some of the survivors it is the only time they leave their homes. It offers respite for the carers and a place for survivors to socialise. The club meets at Bede Lodge every other week.

The donor, Four Seasons Health Care, is an organisation which provides care homes throughout the UK. They have a fund with us which supports activities and outings for elderly people near Four Seasons Health Care Homes in County Durham and Darlington. They recently sent a representative to Bede Lodge to witness first-hand how their funding had helped.

Lynn Brown, of Four Seasons Health Care, said:
“Four Seasons Health Care is glad to be working alongside County Durham Community Foundation in order to provide a social environment for stroke sufferers. It is important to their welfare and health that they aren’t isolated and get support, and County Durham Stroke Club is doing a fantastic job of providing a place where survivors can go and receive the support they need. The massages are just one of the benefits that they get from coming here and we are delighted to be able to help.”

We encourage any organisation who wishes to make a difference to the community like Four Seasons Health Care, to get in touch.