Senior citizens receive support from Four Seasons Health Care

06 December 2013

Barrington Bites luncheon club in St John’s Chapel received a donation of £600 from Four Seasons Health Care, who hold a long standing fund with County Durham Community Foundation.

Barrington Bites is a luncheon club that provides a warm gathering place for older people in the St. John’s Chapel area. Attendees have a nice place to meet and interact with each other over a warm meal, promoting health and wellbeing as well as social interaction. The luncheon club is a vital part of helping people to maintain their independence.

Diana Sutcliffe, Chair of Barrington Bites, said:
“The County Durham Community Foundation and Four Seasons Health Care have helped us continue to provide a meeting place where older people can both socialise and have a nice, warm meal. As one of society’s more vulnerable groups, it is important that senior citizens are not isolated.”

The club is attended by people aged between 65 and 90. It is a weekly club that costs £3.00, which covers a two course meal and a cup of tea. The meals are cooked at a County Council residential home in Stanhope, which are then brought to Barrington Hall, a fully accessible community facility.

The donor, Four Seasons Health Care, is an organisation which provides care homes throughout the UK. They have a fund with County Durham Community Foundation which supports activities and outings for elderly people near Four Seasons Health Care Homes in County Durham and Darlington. They recently sent a representative to Barrington Hall to witness first-hand how their funding had helped.

Suzanne Roberts, Head of Business Development at Four Seasons Health Care, said:
“Four Seasons Health Care is glad to be working alongside County Durham Community Foundation in order to provide a social environment for older people. It is important to their welfare and health that they aren’t isolated and Barrington Bites is doing a fantastic job of providing a place where senior citizens can go ad enjoy a warm meal and socialise.”