Learning Working Earning helps over 100 apprentices into work

29 July 2013

More than 100 apprentices take their first step in their career

More than 100 apprentices are in work after they received a grant from the Learning Working Earning initiative, launched by County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF) to help unemployed people into work.

Nicholas Harrison, who was the first apprentice to benefit, has been employed by East Durham Partnership for one year to complete a work-based qualification in business administration. Through the new initiative, County Durham Community Foundation is contributing £4,900 to the cost of his salary, equipment and travel costs to help overcome financial barriers which hinder employment opportunities.

Nicholas is a 23 year old from Peterlee who has struggled with employment due to the economic downturn. Nicholas has a BTEC in fine art but this was not enough to secure any type of relevant employment as many employers want actual experience.

After spending six months on job seekers allowance he decided to volunteer at East Durham Partnership to gain some experience. Nicholas went on a NVQ course for manual handling and also learnt about business administration until he was introduced to the Learning Working Earning initiative by Ellen Foxton, CEO of East Durham Partnership.

Upon starting his work-based qualification Nicholas said, “I am learning how to apply my new skills to a variety of jobs.”

Learning Working Earning aims to reduce the financial barriers that unemployed individuals are experiencing by giving them the opportunity to access grant funding to support them with an apprenticeship or accredited work-based learning. The added bonus of the initiative is that there are no age restrictions.