Thrislington Banner

Thrislington Banner Group

Thrislington Banner Group was set up in August 2011 with the aim of educating the people of West Cornforth and the surrounding area in their coal mining heritage. They have a constitution which allows open membership, and which has a charitable dissolution clause.

The group has no finances as such – it was provided with a donation of £50.00 to start up, but have had no projects thus far. They are looking to produce a replica of 1930’s Thrislington Colliery Banner, to be paraded at the annual Durham Miners’ Gala and displayed at the local community alongside the original, which is still proudly displayed despite its state of disrepair.

The group also intends to utilise the Community Centre for community experiences, such as teaching schools and the wider community about the production of mining banners, and to provide an exhibition to highlight the artefacts from the mining industry and how they were used. The project already has the support of Beamish Museum and Durham Mining Museum.

In addition to these facilities, the group would also like to hold workshops at West Cornforth Primary School and at the banner makers studio, with the banner maker, to show the traditional method and skills of banner making. The group are also working with ex-coal miners in order to write their stories, which will become part of the final display.

Before embarking on the challenge of this project, Thrislington Banner Group held meetings and reported in their local newspaper in order to gauge the local opinion of such a project. The idea received a very positive response, with many members of the community donating mining memorabilia to the cause.

Thrislington Banner Group was awarded a grant of £1,000.00 from the Banks Family Grassroots Fund, alongside funding from the Northern Electric Distribution Fund, which went towards the creation of a replica miner’s banner.