Sedgefield 700

Sedgefield 700

In anticipation of the 2012 700th anniversary of the granting of market charter to Sedgefield, the Sedgefield 700 group was established in 2008 to co-ordinate events and commission a new market cross to celebrate this important milestone.

The group is made up of organisations including the Town Council, Twinning Association, Sedgefield Show, Hardwick Country Park, Sedgefield Veterans, Lyrics, Churches, Police, Sedgefield Players, Rotary, Round Table, WI, Sedgefield in Bloom, and Sedgefield Racecourse.

An amount of £5,000 was granted to Sedgefield 700 by the E.ON Butterwick Moor Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund.

An artist was invited to work with groups of local children to design their view of the new market cross. A sculptor was then commissioned to construct the cross from the selected final design.

The siting and design of the former cross are no longer known since its removal in the 19th century, so the cross is now located on the village green and be accessible to everyone in Sedgefield including visitors and tourists.

The local history and drama group are also working with the children to write a book of the Market Cross’s journey and present a play depicting its history.

This project will leave a lasting legacy to the Community of Sedgefield and visitors alike for years to come.