Rebekah Mary Cook

A local young girl has received a grant to give her the once in a life time opportunity to attend a summer school at the Royal Academy of Dance. The Kingsley Smith/ Fujitsu Fund, donated £2,000 to Rebekah Mary Cook to help her meet the costs of the summer school.

13 year old Rebekah took up dancing at the age of 12 and has developed to an incredibly high standard in just one year. Rebekah has learning difficulties but in a year of dancing has progressed to the level of a 16 year old. She was invited to attend the summer school which is an excellent chance for her to develop her skills even further.

Rebekah’s mother has been totally supportive of her daughter’s passion for dance. She dedicates much of her time to help her daughter develop these new skills. The family are extremely grateful and happy to receive the grant.

“I’m thrilled Rebekah has been granted this wonderful opportunity to go to the Royal Academy of Dance. It is such a privilege for her to be invited and she is ecstatic that she is now able to go.”