Ethel Emmerson

Andrew Atkinson was a haemophiliac who sadly passed away as a result of a contaminated blood product he received during his treatment. As his only surviving relative, his grandmother Ethel, received compensation from the health authority which she subsequently left in her will to benefit students and staff at the Haematology Department of Newcastle’s RVI.

Alex Langridge is one such student who has received funding from the Andrew Atkinson Trust Fund. Alex is currently researching haematology and immunology as part of his Masters of Research in Immunobiology and has received £1,430 towards his university costs. Alex said:

“Thank you for the wonderful gift I received from the Trust Fund through CDCF, it made a big difference to my chances of being able to complete a Masters, and I hope it will not only help me in my studies but that my work may contribute something to the scientific community.”