Ellie Henry

Six-year-old Ellie Henry developed cerebral palsy after contracting meningitis when she was just two weeks old. It left her severely disabled and sadly the illness also nearly robbed her of her sight.

But Ellie has been offered a fresh hope after County Durham Community Foundation provided her family with a grant of £500 to buy a bubble column sensory light, enabling her to see for the first time in more than 5 years.

Specialists are so impressed with the improvements made that Ellie has just been prescribed her first pair of glasses which has now given Ellie the opportunity to be a bridesmaid, which wouldn’t have been possible before.

Mum Tracey said: “Thanks to the grant, we have seen a marked development in Ellie’s sight this year and it enables her and her sister to play together. It is very rewarding to have a child like Ellie, but there are also very difficult times, when finding respite care for special children is nearly impossible and expensive. I am very lucky now to have a local organisation help me care for Ellie.”