Eldon Olde Tyme Dance

For almost 60 years Eldon Olde Tyme Dance has been helping people enjoy old time and modern sequence dancing.

Around 30 people aged from 60 to their mid-80s meet every week at the Eldon Lane Social Club to follow the Floor Leaders in an evening of sequence dancing. They have been entirely self-funded since they began in 1952 with their income coming from attendance fees and sales of raffle tickets & refreshments. The group is providing an invaluable activity which is improving the health and wellbeing of those who attend. Special events and parties are held throughout the year but in recent years these have had to be cut back as finances became tight. A grant of £1,225 from County Durham Community Foundation has helped the group to cover their costs for a year, securing them for the foreseeable future and allowing them to reach their 60th birthday, which we are sure will be a fabulous celebration!

Read on for the personal stories of Winnine, Alfreda and Connie who go to Eldon Olde Tyme Dance every week.

Winnie’s parents were lovely dancers and when her Dad sadly passed away in 1970 she joined Eldon Olde Tyme Dance with her mother, fulfilling a promise to get her out of the house. Winnie joined the committee in 1971, and in 1979 she agreed to be an interim treasurer for a few weeks until they found a replacement. Thirty-two years later she is still treasurer of the group and continues to attend every week, despite the death of her mother in 1983. Eldon Olde Tyme Dance is the only social life Winnie has and she thoroughly enjoys the company and the music.

Alfreda and Connie have been friends for 30 years and have danced together at Eldon Olde Tyme Dance every week for the past 19. They love sequence dancing as it keeps them fit and gives them a reason to make an effort, dressing up in their best frocks and doing their hair and make-up! Connie was widowed 37 years ago and believes that dancing is the one thing that has kept her alive.