Durham Beekeepers Association

Beekeepers in the North East are really buzzing with enthusiasm after a grant was given to Durham Beekeepers Association.

Durham Beekeepers Association aims to promote the craft of beekeeping and honey production by arranging lectures and demonstrations and providing practical help for beginners. As Beekeeping can be an expensive hobby the Association ran a free training course in 2008 to encourage all people, even those on low incomes, to take up an interest in Beekeeping which had a fantastic response, this did however leave the Association with a problem as they could not cope with the increased demand for their courses.

Thankfully Durham Beekeepers Association received £4,170 through County Durham Community Foundation’s Grassroots Grants scheme to purchase the new starter hives, protective clothing, equipment and literature they needed to run the course for a larger group.

The grant helped the Durham Beekeepers Association run the course for free giving every one, even those on low incomes, a chance to take up Beekeeping as a hobby. As a result the course is now being run for about 70 beginners.

John Benington, Chairman of Durham Beekeepers Association, said: “I would on behalf of Durham Beekeepers Association like to thank the Grassroots Grants for their help without which we certainly could not have been able to run the course for free, something which we believe should be available to all who have an interest.”