Dodmire and Maidendale Parent and Carer Group

Dodmire and Maidendale

 Dodmire and Maidendale Parents and Carers Group is a community group that provides support and activities for parents, grandparents and carers in the Darlington area. It operates out of Dodmire Sure Start Children’s Centre in one of the most deprived areas of Darlington.

The Group’s aims are to encourage families to spend more time together by providing a specific activity for them to participate in, and providing a setting for support and the development of relationships within the local community. Over the summer holidays, all day-events were provided once a week with the support of staff. It gave both carers and children something to look forward to, highlighting the need for this Group in the local community.

The grant was requested to provide basic necessities for the Group, such as training, operational costs, equipment hire and publicity. With these, the Group will be able to provide a safe environment for encouraging family closeness and relationship development, as well as more activities. It will also allow them to spread their message and encourage more families to attend their Group.

In this area of Darlington, unemployment is higher than the national average and family budgets are stretched thin, disallowing them from doing activities over which to bond and support each other. There is also a significantly high number of lone parent families in the area. Dodmire and Maidendale Parents and Carers Group helps to provide these activities and to support parents and carers who feel lonely and isolated.

A grant of £778.00 was awarded to the group by Darlington Champions Darlington Building Society Grassroots Fund, alongside Darlington Champions BAT Endowment Fund and Community Health Revenue Fund.