Darlington Hospital Radio

Situated within Darlington Memorial Hospital, Darlington Hospital Radio has been cheering up patients since 1984. It is a well known fact that happiness aids the healing process, and the stations volunteer DJ’s work very hard to provide entertaining shows every day, as well as making plenty of visits around the wards to take requests. As a result, thousands of patients tune in every year.

The group carries out regular fundraising events and is continually seeking ways of funding the service which provides a lifeline to those people in hospital, especially those with no immediate family. The radio station accepts requests from children in hospital and gives them the opportunity to visit the studios if they are well enough.

The radio station received a grant of £2,475 from the Darlington Building Society Community Fund, to help pay for some of the station’s running costs over the next three years. The grant has helped to keep the Radio on air and make sure that all equipment is working to keep broadcasting running smoothly.

Mike Smith, the station manager, was grateful to receive a grant and commented, “Thank you for your support over the years and we hope that you will be able to continue this support well into the future.”