Brandon Lee Holloway

Brandon Lee Holloway

 Brandon Lee Holloway is 13 years old. Both of his parents are disabled and his sister requires full time care, as she has profound cerebral palsy. Brandon is passionate about dancing and has danced since he was four years old, but his passion means he is bullied at school, which is affecting his education.

Brandon has joined Dimensions Dance Studio in Darlington, a dance studio set up by Mrs Gillian Reed, who founded the studio because her own son was bullied at school for his passion for dancing, and all of the local dance schools were mostly used by girls. As well as a talent for dancing, Brandon was also offered a music scholarship at Polam School in Darlington.

He attends a total of seven classes throughout the week – three on a Tuesday, one on a Wednesday, and a further three on a Friday. While Brandon’s mother tries to provide as much of the travel as possible, she is often unable to as either her or her husband fall ill; a local taxi firm is used in this case, with a round trip costing £10.

Brandon was recently diagnosed with stress, as his housework, schoolwork, homework and caring duties are getting on top of him – his only release is his dancing and the occasional competition, which in the main are away from home. In January 2013, Brandon competed in a three day event at Blackpool Winter Gardens. As well as lodgings costs, there were also the costs for diesel to and from the event and a £50 entry fee.

Brandon was awarded a grant of £340.00 from the Rackley-Battour Family Endowment Fund, alongside funding from the Skills & Opportunities Revenue Fund.