Talented Individuals

Talented Individuals Programme

Grant Range: up to £1,000

Grant Award Timings: typically up to 12 weeks from submission of application

The Talented Individuals Programme is made up of a number of Funds managed on behalf of donors by County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF).

The Programme aims to provide:

  • Grants up to £1,000 to support individuals, under 21 years of age, living in County Durham or Darlington with a special aptitude for sport where they have the clear potential to compete at international level. The financial means already at the individuals’ disposal will be taken into account when funding decisions are made.
  • Grants up to £1,000 to support individuals of any age from disadvantaged backgrounds (living in County Durham or Darlington) who excel in a particular skill or ability for example in art, dance, drama, music or sport, or who are achieving against the odds in a particular skill or ability.

What type of funding can you apply for?

  • Competition fees
  • Transport costs
  • Training and Coaching cost
  • Essential equipment/clothing
  • Accommodation

The Programme will not typically support term fees for specialist educational establishments, specialist training or education overseas.

Before applying please read CDCF’s Guidelines

Please contact a member of the Grants Team on 0191 378 6340 if you have any questions or need help with your application.

Steps to apply for this grant