Grants for Individuals

County Durham Community Foundation manages a number of funds which are for the benefit of individuals.

To help you decide which fund is best for you, we have grouped the different funds into five main categories. When you click on to a category you will find a brief description of each fund relevant to that category along with advice on which application form you would need to complete in order to apply.

If you are eligible for funding from more than one fund, you still only complete one application form as we often allocate from multiple funds under the one grant award.

Please note that you can only apply for one category at a time.

Please note that our on-line application forms are supported by the latest Browsers - Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Should you have any difficulties downloading any of our forms please click here for further information. If problems persist please contact our office on 0191 378 6340.

Grants available


Talented Individuals

To support young people with the potential to compete at an international level in sport, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds excelling in a particular skill or achieving against the odds.

Upto 1,000

County Durham & Darlington

Please click here to apply.

Wright Funk Hardship Fund

This category is for people who are looking for funding towards essential household items and have a low disposable income and a child or children under the age of 16 living in their household.

Upto 500

Unfortunately this fund is currently exhausted and not accepting applications at present 

Dover Prize Fund

The Dover Prize today is a 2-year bursary of 10,000 that will support excellence and experimentation in the arts and creative industries.


This fund is now closed for applications.