DurhamWorks 12 month funding

DurhamWorks 12 month funding

DurhamWorks is a ground-breaking, partnership solution to youth unemployment in County Durham being led by Durham County Council. It creates a matrix of provision to support 5830 young people from a broad range of Delivery Partners who will work simultaneously with employers, identifying and creating employment opportunities, and with young people (particularly those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged) to ensure they benefit from those opportunities.

The aim of the DurhamWorks Learning Working Earning Programme is to support unemployed individuals aged 16-24 who are engaged on the DurhamWorks programme who have been offered employment linked to accredited work based learning but who, without financial support, would be unable to take up the offer. It also supports businesses with funding towards the costs associated with employing those individuals. The maximum amount of grant award available is £5,000

Applicants may apply for:
Up to 70% of salary costs once all other funding has been taken into consideration (employer must contribute at least £1,000)
Essential tools/equipment (up to a maximum award of £250)
Essential uniform/required workwear (up to a maximum of £250)
Essential additional accredited training 
Childcare costs

How to make an Application

Prior to completing the form both the Potential Employee and Employer must have discussed the proposed application with a recognised DurhamWorks Advisor.

DurhamWorks Advisors

The role of a the Advisor is to act as a link between Employers, Employees and CDCF. All Advisors are there to offer support and guidance to both Employers and Employees, prior to and during the life of any grant award. They are fully aware of the criteria of the Programme. They are required as part of the application form to endorse the application.

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