DurhamWorks 12 month funding

DurhamWorks 12 month funding

The DurhamWorks Learning Working Earning (LWE) Grant is available to SMEs (businesses and not for profit organisations) to support the creation of employment opportunities for young people who are on the DurhamWorks programme.

For assistance with accessing support from DurhamWorks to source a suitable DurhamWorks candidate(s) and to start the application process please outline your requirements on an email to LWEGrant@durham.gov.uk and a member of the DurhamWorks team will be in contact with you to discuss further.

The opportunity must have some form of accredited learning attached to it which can include short courses and sector specific certification. Funding can only be used to support the cost of the young person’s salary. The grant award is up to £5,000 for a 12 month period and can support up to 50% of the individual’s salary costs, as long as the employer contributes at least £1,000 towards the salary of the individual.

Once a completed application is submitted it should take up to 10 working days for the application to be assessed, if all the information is correctly provided. The decision about the grant award will be notified to the employer by email.

Applications will be accepted until May 2020 (or earlier if the funding is exhausted). In the event of the grant funding being oversubscribed, priority will be given to opportunities that support those young people that are furthest from employment due to additional needs or barriers that may prevent the young person gaining employment.

Full details on the grant criteria and payment process can be found on in the grant criteria document. Please read these carefully before requesting an application form via the link below.

Steps to apply for this grant