Small Grants Programme

Small Grants Programme

The Small Grants Programme is made up of a number of Funds managed on behalf of donors by County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF). The Programme aims to provide grants up to £5,000 to support more established charities, voluntary-led organisations and projects that have an incredible impact in their community, enabling them to continue their work and make vital improvements to their service.

We fund a broad range of projects including: health, children and young people, arts and culture, the elderly, people with disabilities, and projects providing services in the community or improving the local environment.

Who can Apply?

There are no limits to the size of organisation that can apply, however if an organisation has more than 8 months of its annual expenditure in unrestricted reserves then the application will be considered a lower priority for funding. Organisations holding significant financial reserves will need to tell us why these reserves cannot be used to cover the cost of the activity you are seeking funding for.

What type of funding can you apply for?

Examples of the types of projects and activities we will support are listed below but we will consider funding any activities that have clear community benefits and that meet our general grants criteria:

  • Set up costs for projects providing social, volunteer, community benefits
  • Capital items, equipment (except vehicles or mini buses)
  • Coaching / Training activity
  • Capacity building activity
  • Transport Costs
  • Repair Costs
  • IT, Desk Top and Laptops limited to maximum £1,500.00 of the total grant applied for

Before applying please read CDCF’s General Grant Making criteria Click here to check that your organisation and activity/project for which you are seeking funding, meets our criteria.

Please contact a member of the Grants Team on 0191 378 6340 if you have any questions or need help with your application.

Steps to apply for this grant