Quixwood Moor Wind Farm Fund

Quixwood Moor Wind Farm Fund

Quixwood Moor Wind Farm Community Fund provides funding for capital items, improvements to community buildings, biodiversity and habitat conservation projects, energy conservation and revenue for community based or led projects in the area of the Quixwood Wind Farm.

The geographical boundaries for fund eligibility will normally be restricted to the ward areas of Grantshouse Community Council and Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyll and Preston Community Council. Projects from adjoining community councils may also be eligible provided that if it can be shown that local people from the two community councils above can also benefit from these projects.

Size of Grant

Grants of up to £5,000 are available for community organisations that provide projects or activities that fall within the following key themes:

  • supporting health and well-being
  • encouraging rural regeneration
  • providing amenities for community use
  • delivering education and training, employment and/or social welfare
  • promoting energy efficiency, environmental protection, or landscape conservation.