Durham County Cricket Club Youth Trust Fund

Durham County Cricket Club Youth Trust Fund

The aim of the Durham County Cricket Club Youth Trust Club Small Grant Scheme is to support the growth of children and young people engaging with cricket in the North East so strengthening and sustaining clubs and the sport.

To apply to this fund your organisation must be:

• Affiliated to Durham Cricket Board
• Seeking a grant of between £500 and £2,500 for a project which is clearly linked to the intended outcomes of strengthening the engagement of children and young people in the sport of cricket
• Based between the River Tyne and the River Tees
• Engaged predominantly in the sport of Cricket (although other sports may be played by the club)

Size of Grant Available

• Grants of between £500 and £2,500 are available

Winter Programme now available 

Would you like to run a winter programme that would:

• Improve the standard of young players and provide them with greater opportunities to succeed in cricket.

• Nurture the skills of young cricketers and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential

• Provide children with an appropriate course for their age and ability at a suitable time of the year.

• Provide players with the opportunity to develop their cricket skills and understanding of the game, encouraging a passion for cricket to grow.

• Develop and improve players’ skills.

• Improve skills that already exist and develop new skills that will allow them to compete to a higher standard

• Provide sessions broken down into warm-ups followed by a number of activities designed to improve fundamental skills as well as technical, tactical, and physical skills involved in playing cricket

Steps to apply for this grant