Banks Community Fund

Banks Community Fund

The Banks Community Fund distributes a variety of grants on behalf of the Banks Group.

The Banks Group develops land for a variety of uses including surface coal mining; residential and commercial property; and renewable energy (on shore wind and solar (PV)). It is a family owned, County Durham based, business employing around 400 people across the north of England and Scotland. Banks Mining has a proud track record of restoring every one of the 110 surface coal mines it has completed.

‘Development with Care’ is central to the aims and objectives of the Banks Group. The phrase describes how it deals with people inside and outside its company and is the guiding principle of how it conducts its business at all times.

The Banks Group looks for opportunities to make a real positive difference to local people and their communities; to provide lasting benefits, whether during the lifetime of the project or during long-term aftercare.

It is this ethos that led to the establishment of the Banks Community Fund, to support local community and environmental projects around the areas in which its projects are located.

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When to Apply – Application Deadlines

The deadline for receiving completed applications are listed below:

7 February 2019
9 May 2019
8 August 2019
7 November 2019

 Please consider the following information before beginning your application.

It is an important criteria of this Fund that if your application is successful you will be required to pay 10% of the amount awarded to the Banks Group. No grant funding will be paid to your organisation until this money has been received by us. The contribution can be made by a business that has no interest in the project (eg financial or reputational gain), a Local Authority, from your organisation or a Local Resident who has no interest in the project (eg financial or reputational gain).