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County Durham Community Foundation offers a wide range of Funds and Programmes, made up of money from the many different funds we distribute on behalf of our donors, partners,companies and public organisations.

We match applications to the criteria of the various funds we have available at the time and are able to support the activities of many different kinds of community groups and charities and we welcome applications from any suitably constituted not-for-profit group. (You do not need to be a registered charity to apply).

We also provide support for individuals and families in need and have specific themed programmes aimed at supporting individuals who are disadvantaged.

Our General Grant Criteria - Important Information to read before you apply 

Our Grant-making Policy - Important Information to read before you apply


Before you submit your application we recommend that you read our General Grant Criteria to ensure that your application meets our grant criteria. If you are still unsure or have any questions then please speak to a member of our Grants Team on 0191 378 6340.

Troubleshooting the Validation error:

When filling in your online application please pay careful attention to all text boxes/fields marked with a red line, these are mandatory fields which all need to be completed, if you continue without answering a question you will not be able to submit your online application form and will receive a validation error.

Please double-check all fields are completed before submitting.

If you submit the form and receive a validation error please go back through the form ensuring all fields have been completed.
You should only contact the office if after checking that no fields have been left blank and you are still experiencing problems.

To apply, follow one of the links below :

Grants for Groups

Grants for Individuals